Altar of Plagues

Altar of Plagues [IRL]

Genres: black metal, post-metal, post-rock, avant-garde

The Irish war machine. Altar of Plagues is a band with roots going deep into traditional black metal, which is mixed with post-rock soundscapes. In their music we can hear a powerful mark of raw metal, as well as other elements, through which we get an impression that the members grew up listening to bands like Isis, Ulver or Mogwai. The effect of their diverse influences is a massive wall of guitar sounds, blended with anxious apocalyptic tones, and a touch of ambient atmosphere.

The band released a demo, two Eps and one full-length album, “White Tombs” which was published in 2009. This is a mandatory entry for all fans of the new breed of black metal. New breed which is defined by Altar of Plagues, together with Cobalt, Wolves in the Throne Room and Nachtmystium.

James O' Ceallaigh - guitar, vocal, keyboards
David Condon - bas, vocal
Barry English - drums

Formed in: 2006
Orgin: Cork, Ireland

Altar of Plagues
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