Black Shape of Nexus [DE]

Genres: down-tempo, doom, sludge, drone

Black Shape of Nexus, aka B.SON, is a German band whose sound oscillates around drone and doom metal. The Mannheim group are typical representatives of down-tempo, with its characteristic down tuned guitars, mixed in electronics and the whole intertwined with monumental vocals. The band have played numerous shows in the past – throughout their career they have shared stages with, among others, Kylesa, Wolves in the Throneroom, Torche, Baroness and Cult of Luna. In 2009 they toured with the legendary Wino. They played the 2008 Roadburn Festival and Doom Shall Rise a year later. Their show as a part of the second edition of Asymmetry Festival will be their first, and until now the only one, in Poland.

Jan - elektronics, keybords
Ralf Bernhardt - guitar
Geb - guitar
Michael Bergweiler - bas, vocal
Malte Seidel - vocal
Marco Hauser - drums

Formed in: 2005
Orgin: Mannheim, Germany

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