Official Asymmetry Festival II T-shirts

PRICE 8 euro // 11 $

Male - black with silver overprint I 190g cotton shirts produced by JHK.
Sizes /width x length (cm)/:
S - 51x66 | M - 53x70 | L - 56x72 | XL - 59x74 | XXL - 61x76

Female - black and red with silver overprint I 155g cotton shirts produced by Stedman Classic.
Sizes /width x length (cm)/:
S - 58x41 | M - 58x42 | L - 62x43 | XL - 63,5x47

They will be available for purchase during the festival, and during selected shows before the festival. It is also possible to order them from Drop Out Records (postage in Europe is about 3 euro // US - 4,5$). All inquiries concerning the ordering of the shirts, should be sent to Galon - dropout@go2.pl

/click on the banner to be redirected to the Drop Out Records webstore/


People who are looking for fellow passengers, to share or find a ride, to the festival, please send your request to tomek@asymmetry.pl
In your message please include the information mentioned bellow. We will try to include your notice on the web page as soon as possible.

Your offer/requirement:
Contact phone number and/or @):
phone number and/or @):
Available space/required space:
Date of departure/return date:
What I like to listen to on the way:
Additional information:

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