The band Moja Adrenalina has won the Neuro Music Contest, which is a part of the Asymmetry Festival. On April, 9, on the stage of Wroclaw's Firlej club, the prizewinners were awarded the main prize consisting of an invitation to perform at the Asymmetry Festival and a finalization of a recording session at the Tower Studio.

The jury have found that, similarly as last year, this year's contest level was high. Both Moja Adrenalina and Ketha are bands which, apart from releases and past tours, have gathered a quite big fan base around Poland. Palm Desert and PHOBH have also recorded full-length releases. Maszyny I Motyle and Moanna were in no way inferior to their competition.

Rock and metal music avantgarde has more than one name – which could be observed during this event as well. Each of the six acts had a unique and independent idea about their own music. But, innovation, the will to experiment were, besides a high artistic level, the quality of the performances and the harmony of the bands, the characteristics which surely grasped the jury's attention.

Those of you, who did not manage to take part in the Neuro Music Contest, will have the chance to see Moja Adrenalina's performances during the Asymmetry Festival – on the 2nd of May, they will perform with such stars as Esoteric and Mouth of the Architect. From April, 29 until May, 3, in Wroclaw's Firlej club, we will have the chance to hear and see such artists as, among others, Jesu, The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, Zu, Shrinebuilder, Kylesa, Year of No Light, Time to Burn, Black Shape of Nexus, Bong-Ra and EZ3kiel.

The participants of the Neuro Music Contest were auditioned by the jury consisting of the following members: Jarosław Szubrycht (Miasto Muzyki, Interia.pl, “Przekrój” magazine), Bartek Chaciński (Polskie Radio [Polish National Radio]), Jacek Skolimowski (“Machina” magazine, “Dziennik” magazine, Polskie Radio [Polish National Radio]), Maciek Frett (Job Karma, Wroclaw Industrial Festival, Podwodny Wrocław, Energia Dźwięku, Rytual) and Robert Chmielewski (club Filej’s and Asymmetry Festival’s director).


TOWER Studio is located in a beautiful, historic building characterized by unique architecture and situated on a half-hectare parcel of land in Wroclaw's villa district. The building is surrounded by a park consisting of aged trees. Peace and quiet are inseparable elements of the creation process, and TOWER Studio meets all the requirements of such a process. A big number of various rooms, with a total area sum of over five hundred square metres – all that is given to the disposal of the artists. A lot of effort and care, as well as precious natural materials including granite, sandstone, ash tree, mahogany and hemlock-spruce, has been put into the studio's finishing touch. An indisputable advantage of TOWER Studio is a rich instrumentarium available for the performers. Guitars, amplifiers, keyboards, drums and percussions – all that is aimed at creating the perfect conditions for a efficient and satisfactory artistic work. To enhance independence and comfort, we provide accommodation in six rooms, with a capacity of 2, and more, people.


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