Drumcorps [US]


Gatunek: breakcore, grindcore, experimental, electronic, noise

Drumcorps is Aaron Spectre's project. Aaron is an American musician who's style oscillates in the region of electronic music; he mixes breakcore, grindcore, experimental, electronic and noise music, in his compositions. He began his adventure with music, when he was 16 years old – he made his first steps as a DJ in Massachusetts clubs at that time. He moved to NYC when he was 19, where he started his career as a jungle, drum'n'bass, and, generally, ambient music producer. After 4 years he got bored with the lifestyle in New York and, looking for some new experiences, moved to Berlin. There he reached the top of the vinyl records market – his records started disappearing, from the stores, in no time. That's when he started touring and promoting his creations.

Aaron Spectre

First performance: 2003
Orgin: US

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