Esoteric [UK]

Genres: doom metal, funeral doom, atmospheric, doom

This will be their first visit to Poland.

This oldest, and most deserved, among the invited bands, originated in 1992 in England. The group from Birmingham is faithful to the stylistics chosen at the beginning of their existence. Their music is doom metal, frequently given a more specific name “funeral”, which is the best way to emphasize their extreme creative ways. Slow, dark compositions which heaviness simply crushes the listener.

Despite the flow of time, their music does not drop in quality. Their most recent record, “The Maniacal Vale”, released by Season of Mist in 2008, is one of the best in their long history.

For many, Esoteric is one of the most relevant and important bands in the whole history of metal music.

Greg Chandler – vocal, guitar
Gordon Bicknell – guitar
Mark Bodossian - bas
Olivier Goyet - keybords
Joe Fletcher - drums
Kris Clayton – guitar

Formed in: 1992
Orgin: Birmingham, UK

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