Asymmetry Festival II

29/4 - 2/5 2010 @ Wrocław, Firlej

Attention, attention!!! We are looking for rock and metal avant-garde. Non-trivial electronics are welcome. The enormous and heavy machine, punching holes in the Polish musical reality, slowly begins its voyage from the Wrocław station. We announce a non-idyllic and non-redneck long May weekend in Wrocław's Firlej club

Asymmetry Festival, second edition of which was prepared by ODA Firlej, in cooperation with the Asymmetry booking agency and other institutions in Wrocław, announces the next phase in formal searches in music genres generally known as: rock, metal and electronic. We put attention on the community character of the event: organize a contest for young bands and promote active participation among the members of web forums. It is thanks to the public that we receive praise from the artists and impresarios – for the programme created with the public's members cooperation, and for the character and atmosphere of the festivity. We would like to invite guests from outside of Wrocław and Poland, to take part in the event, as we try to put much effort into making this festival an international, European happening. The partners of this project are the representatives of various institutions. Institutions which have been specifically chosen so that everyone who visits Firlej to see the performances in the evening, could, during the day, spend time in the BWA Arts Gallery, Wro Arts Centre, botanical garden or aqua park. Asymmetry tries to find it place in the, so-called, “wrocławskość”, i.e. classy leeway. We made preparations so that our audience members get discounts in local hostels and guesthouses, and a wide range of music releases, to choose from, in Firlej's space.

Last year we tried to explain asymmetric music as “loud, putting the listener in a trance with additional psychedelic and decadent visualisations”, to unenlightened people who came into contact with it for the first time. We wrote in previews that, “during the concerts it can be observed that the audience's participation in them is very emotional, but at the same time calm; they seem to grasp the pessimism underlying the sent message”.

Today these words can be perceived as trivial. We do not need to persuade people to take part in, or picture, the phenomenon which comes in so many variations that the English language lacks the words to describe it. It is enough to say that this hybrid festival mixes the elements of free jazz, dark ambient, break core, doom jazz, post-metal... STOP RIGHT THERE... we realize that such word games are fun. But they can be dangerous as well. WE WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO SPEND THE LONG MAY WEEKEND IN FIRLEJ. Let the guitars roar. Let the amplifiers buzz. Let the the dust of the old sounds lift from the stage. It is time for the new. About time.

Robert Chmielewski
Festival's Director

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