Jesu [UK]

Genres: post-rock, drone, doom metal, experimental, sludge

Justin Broadrick, the leader of the band, is one of the most influential figures in modern alternative music. The list of projects which featured him, the comprehensive list of remixes and styles which were touched by him, would have to take the form of a medium sized phone book. Just as a reminder, let us mention only the most important: Napalm Death, Techno Animal, Curse of the Golden Vampire, Final or Godflesh. It was after the split up of the last mentioned, that, together with bass player Diarmuid Dalton, he cerated Jesu. A band which, probably, does not have to be presented to the fans of “asymmetry” labeled sounds.

During the Wrocław concert, Jesu will feature a full, three person line up. Soon we will give the name of the drummer which will accompany Justin and Diarmuid on stage.

Justin Broadrick – guitar, vocal, programming, bas
Diarmuid Dalton – bas
Ted Parsons – drums

Formed in: 2003
Orgin: Birmingham, UK

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