Kasan [DE]


Genre: instrumental post-rock

Kasan are a German post-rock band. Their musical passages balance between mellow sounds, and massive riffs. Kasan are unique, living the excessiveness of early Motorpsycho as well as the fragility of Mogwai. Despite all these references and influences the band has developed it’s very own sound, rooted somewhere between 70s Garage, Metal and Stoner. The music created by this young band from Lipsk, will surely grasp the attention of fans of the following: Shora, Russian Circles, Pelican czy Tides From Nebula..

Eldar Fano - guitar
Marcel Damme - guitar
David Jahr - bass
Carlo Reuter - drumms
Matias Llohmann - synth, programs, spacesound
Hanna + Rene - live light + visuals

Formed in: 2007
Orgin: Leipzig, Niemcy

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