Khuda [UK]

Genres: experimental, post-rock, progressive, instrumental

Khuda is an instrumental duo originating from Leeds, Great Britain, which came to be in March, 2007. They describe their goal as: “creating noise”. Despite their not very complex instrumentarium, they have managed to develop their style which now incorporates amplifier based feedback, elements of dark musical textures and post-rock/progressive passages. Until now, they released two Eps – the most recent, entitled “Stratospheric”, was recorded with the bands former drummer, Robin Timmis, whose decision to leave the band marked the beginning of changes within Khuda. Changes which include finding their own unique style by means of constant experimentation. The bands current goals are: to play as much live shows as possible and to compose as much new material as they can, in order to release their full-length début in 2010. The band was spotted by the organizers of the prestigious, avant-garde Dutch festival, Incubate (formerly known as SXSW); their show in Firlej is going to be their first visit to Poland.

Tom Brooke - guitar
Steven Myles - drums

Formed in: 2007
Orgin: Leeds, UK

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