Moja Adrenalina [PL]

Genre: mathcore, hardcore, metalcore, alternative

This year's Neuro Music Contest winners come from Warsaw. Their music is characterised by hysterical, almost squeaky-like and muddled vocals, and technically advanced sound from the border of mathcore.

The band was created in 1999, and features the same line-up ever since its founding: Adam Adamczyk (vocals), Karol Ludew (drums), Piotr Leniewicz (bass) and Rafał Modliński (guitar). They performed throughout numerous Polish cities since the band's origination. The breakthrough came together with the tour with Neuma (founded by the members of the cult act – Kobong) in 2003. On the turn of 2003 and 2004, they recorded their first release “Nietoleruje-bije”, which was released on 16th of April, 2004. Its producer was Andrzej Karp, who worked with, among others, Anna Maria Jopek, Pat Metheny, Tomasz Stańko, Maryla Rodowicz, Manaam. The album's pressing was sold out within a month. Kuba Wojewódzki, when announcing MA in his show, said: “... this is the best band I heard since Kobong”. In his review of “nie toleruje-bije”, in the “Wprost” magazine, he wrote: “Moja Adrenalina are young Warsaw residents, specializing in malicious hard rock and intensive decibel attacks. There is punk, noise, metal, grind... and cold precision in their music. And, most importantly, two tons of passion. 21 minutes and 25 seconds, which made me dust my snare drum off”. After releasing their album, the band went silent for some time. But, finally, they are back with some new material, shows and music – this time, even more ambitious.

Adam Adamczyk - vocal
Karol Ludew - drums
Piotr Leniewicz - bass
Rafał Modliński - guitar

Formed in: 1999
Orgin: Warszawa, Polska

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