necro deathmort

Necro Deathmort [UK]

Genre: dub, doom, noise, experimental, doom metal

Having equal passion for electronic and extreme music, and motivated to fill the glaring gaps in their record collections, Cookson and Rozeik began recording material under the name Necro Deathmort in 2007. Eventually, the two amassed several albums of material, and in 2009 their debut album “This Beat Is Necrotronic” was released, gaining favourable reviews in much of the UK music press, turning NDM into a 'proper' band.

The duo take their favourite aspects of doom, drone, electronica, ambient, hip-hop and dance music, and force it all together into something altogether more...Necro. This is not 'doom meets electronica': this is an organic sound that owes little to current musical trends, an everything to the music that originally inspired it's creators – this is Necrotronic...

Having recently played shows with Ulver, Atilla Czisar and Invasion, the NDM live show is a maelstrom of dirty beats, supernatural atmospheres, agonising guitars and crushing low end. Fans of Godflesh, Sunn O))), Scorn, Aphex Twin, The Bug, Neurosis, Techno Animal, Dom & Roland, DJ Krush, and Dalek take note...

Matthew Rozeik
AJ Cookson

Formed in: 2007
Orgin: Londyn, UK

necro deathmort
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