Secret Chiefs 3

Secret Chiefs 3 [US]

Genre: avant-garde, instrumental, electronic, experimental rock, free jazz

Secret Chiefs 3 is an American project consisting of former member of Mr. Bungle – a band fronted by Mike Patton. The main line-up of the collective is composed of guitarist Trey Spruance and Ches Smith, who is recognized for his collaborations with Marc Ribot and Xiu Xiu. Their output consists of a extensive discography – inc. their own arrangements of John Zorn's compositions; they have toured with the bass played of Primus – Les Claypool. A very clear fascination of the mysticism of the Orient and contemporary electronics, as well as surf rock and death metal, can be heard in their music. Such a highly explosive mixture guarantees unique live show experiences.

Spruance founded the band, in the early 90s of the past century, with two other Mr. Bungle members – Trevor Dunn and Danny Heifetz. A multitude of artists took part in the collective and, surely, lots more will take part in it in the future. The main idea of the group is creating unique compositions and discovering new musical paths. Thus, the line-up changes constantly.

Trey Spruance - saz, gitara
Timb Harris - skrzypce, trąbka, gitara
Jai Young Kim - klawisze
Ches Smith - perkusja
Toby Driver - bas

Formed in: 1995
Orgin: San Francisco, US

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