Year of no Light [FR]


Genres: sludge, post-metal, post-hardcore, post-rock, doom metal

The process of describing their music is extremely tough: post-rock with a psychedelic-claustrophobic atmosphere, or simply, beautiful melodies deliberately hidden under heavily distorted sound. Or maybe: a trance-like wall of chaotic sounds, with some distant harmonies trying to breakthrough. One is certain – this is one of the best live bands taking part in the festival. If you like Rosetta's compositions, Cult of Luna's melodies, the steamrolling sounds of Amenra, heaviness of A Storm of Light, Minsk's trance, than you can find all that (and much more) in Year of No Light's creations.

Pierre Anouilh - guitar
Jérôme Alban - guitar, keyboards
Johan Sebenne - bas, electronics
Bertrand Sebenne - drums, keyboards
Shiran Kaidine - guitar, vocal
Mathieu Mégemont - perkusja, electronics

Formed in: 2007
Origin: Bordeaux, France

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