Genre: experimental, avant-garde, free jazz, jazz, instrumental

They are an Italian free-jazz band; currently signed to Ipecac – Mike Patton's record label. They collaborate with him on a, practically, daily basis. Zu was created in 1997 in Rome, where its members began their musical voyage by composing music to theater performances. They played a multitude of shows on all continents. Their music crosses genre borders and is a unique creation – not following any influences. The trio found their special was of mixing elements of jazz, noise, avantgarde, metal and punk.
John Zorn summarized their work: “You created some powerful and distinctive music, that surpasses the creations of other contemporary musicians”. Zu is one of the most interesting European avantgarde jazz projects.

Their newest full-length, “Carboniferous”, was released in 2009.
“Zu, consisting of three members, has played a huge number of shows. The effect – two distinctive faces of the the band, each following its own sonic areas. But both share two notions: improvisation and uncontrollable energy”.

“'Carboniferous' turns this whole order upside down. It was recorded by the Italian trio with, occasional, contribution by Buzz Osborne from The Melvins, Mike Patton and two other Italian musicians; the album is the most solid, brutal and concocted piece of music in the bands history. They put much attention into composing the music, later recorded it with verve and lots of self-confidence and gave it a powerful sound – a thing always present during their live shows. A, at first sight, quite poor instrumentarium becomes a tool used to create spectacular noise, binding the sound of Lightning Bolt with Pain Killer and Ruins. […] 'Carboniferous' carries a load of dehumanized, and yet organic, music. Osborne's and Patton's contributions are only 'decorations' for this decisive and spectacular record. This is Zu's first album recorded for Ipecac; thanks to the label, they will have it much easier, to reach the addressees of such sound and style, than when they recorder for Atavistic during the earlier years. Patton should be pleased, as well – this is the best CD released by Ipecec in years”.
Piotr Lewandowski – www.popupmusic.pl

Luca Mai – baritone saxophone
Massimo Pupillo – bass
Jacopo Battaglia – drums

Formed in: 1997
Orgin: Rome, Italy

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