Bong Ra

Bong-Ra [NL]

Genres: breakcore, raggacore, jungle, idm, electronic

Bong-Ra – a Dutch dj, performing heavy, powerful, energetic and highly complex rhythms, mixing the following: breakcore, jungle, drum and bass, drill and raggacore. Also, adds a little darkness to it. In his output we can notice some clear grindcore-metal influences. His performance will be a total breakcore MASSACRE – and a help to wake up the audience after the first, mellow and calm, part of the evening.

The mix of his experimentations, with a highly reflective and calmer sound of The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, will help in defining what we truly understand as “asymmetry on stage”. What's more, that is not the final list of artists who will present their output on the stage that day.

Jason Köhnen

First performance: 1996
Orgin: Utrecht, Holandia

Bong Ra
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