Nachtmystium [US]

Genre: black metal, psychedelic black metal, atmospheric black metal

They are a psychedelic black metal band from Chicago. In their case, black metal is only a means to an end – i.e. a path towards experimentation. Their releases and energetic shows, has created a view that Nachtmystium create the contemporary metal music.

During their show in Firlej, the band will promote their new CD – “Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II”, which will be released this year. The bands line-up has changed significantly – Sanford Parker has joined the band, and took over synthesizer and moog duties. He is recognized as the leader of Minsk – a band with a huge following; they performed during the first edition of Asymmetry Festival and played the closing show.

Blake Judd - guitar, vocal
Jeff Wilson - guitar
Jon Necromancer - bass
Sanford Parker - moog, synth
Bob Fouts - drums

Formed in: 2000
Genre: Chcicago, US

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